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B-BBEE legislation is dynamic and finding the latest gazettes or information is not always straightforward. Our BEE consultancy services are based on a sound and proven Methodology designed to address (and cover) all BEE related matters.

These methodologies do not only guarantee the maximum score per BEE element, it also challenges thinking patterns and perceptions of management on BEE related matters.

Services include;

Consulting and strategy planning

  • Maltec supports and guides companies in the design and implementation of empowerment initiatives. We evaluate the proposed initiative against industry best practices and identify potential gaps, highlight any risks and opportunities associated with the structure.

Gap Analysis

  • Understanding the existing gaps based on the current ratings scorecard. At the end the process, a report will be formulated that will include a processes analysis and gap analysis showing areas the company falls short in, and which areas more effort is required.

Programme Management Support

  • Support companies in setting up focussed BEE compliance initiatives that will deliver meaningful and sustainable transformation benefits.

Enterprise & Supplier development initiatives

  • We support clients in developing and implementing sustainable Enterprise Development business practices, which translate into growth of sustainable small, medium and micro-enterprises.
  • This element is a focus element for BBBEE and we offer several turnkey solutions to maximise return on investment for companies having to implement Enterprise and Supplier Development, as well as SMMEs that need opportunities within the business world.
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